Master Cleanse Results

We’ve done 4 days of Ease-In and then we followed the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet for 10 Days. Today is our first day of Ease-Out.

Here are the results:

Me: I lost a total of 6 lbs since the beginning of Ease-In Day 1 and a half inch off my waist. I  feel clear of allergies and I have way less mucous than before.

Tony: He lost 9.2 lbs ( I’m jealous) and a half inch off his hips. He says his sense of smell is keener as well.

Now, as promised, here is Tony’s commentary while on the Master Cleanse Detox…

  • Day 1: I’m hungry and feel like shit
  • Day 2: Extremely depressed/angry/hungry
  • Day 3: Sexually frustrated/extremely depressed/angry/hungry/weak/ready to quit! I even hate myself
  • Day 4: Little hungry/depressed/better
  • Day 5: Very hungry/WEAK
  • Day 6: Crazy hungry/weak/headache
  • Day 7: Dieing of hunger
  • Day 9: HUNGRY/WEAK
  • Day 10: Glad it’s over! Time to Eat!

As you can see, I handled the cleanse a little better than Tony did. They say each time you do the cleanse; it becomes easier. I believe this as the first time I did it was much more difficult for me than this time around.

I have mixed feelings about our results. I was hoping to lose more weight than I did. I mean, we haven’t eaten in 10 days! What I hope for is that this reset will be the gateway to a healthier way of eating for both me and my husband Tony. I’d like to incorporate one or two vegetarian meals per week into our diet so watch for some vegetarian recipes from me in the near future.

Will I do the Master Cleanse again? It is suggested that you do it quarterly for health purposes. We’ll see. For now, I will continue my Ease-Out and begin taking my probiotics again, as suggested. I take one of the very best probiotics on the market, luckily.  It is suggested that you forgo all supplements during the cleanse so I took a hiatus from my Plexus supplements. I sure have missed my Plexus; I can tell you that!

Thanks for reading along on this journey! Stay tuned for more to come!