Master Cleanse Days 5-10

So, yesterday was Day 10 of the Master Cleanse. Here’s how days 5-10 went…

Day 5: I actually went up a little over a pound in weight this day. I felt very bored from not eating. You don’t realize how much your life revolves around food until you aren’t eating it!

Day 6: I dropped back down in weight and felt fine today. Nothing major.

Day 7: I did not sleep well the night before and I was extremely tired and low energy today. I couldn’t wait to get home from work to rest.

Day 8: Today, I did something really dumb. I took on a side job which I went to today. I slept poorly the night before (again) so I didn’t get up early enough to do my Salt Water Flush. I didn’t think I would be gone long so I decided to just wait and start with my Flush and then lemonades after I returned home. Big mistake. I ended up staying at work until 5:30 with nothing but water. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty rough by the time I made it home. I ended up not doing my Flush at this point but I did manage to get all my lemonades drank.

Day 9: I had a headache today and I know it was partly due to my previous day and being around cigarette smoke which I am very sensitive to. I am ready to eat something so bad!

Day 10: Today my shoulder hurts quite a bit. I read that old injuries can resurface and cause you pain around Day 10 and after. Supposedly, your body is able to heal more efficiently while you are cleansing than previously when you may not have been as healthy. I amused myself today by watching food videos and thinking about what I will cook once we can eat again!

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Watch for my next post with mine and my husband’s results!