Master Cleanse Day 2-4

So, I am now on Day 4 of my Master Cleanse journey. Here’s a breakdown of the last few days…

Day 2: First day of the Salt Water Flush. Woah! This is intense! I lost almost a pound and felt great. I was very high energy.
***Tip: You can use the Salt Water Flush at any time if you feel you’ve overindulged at a meal out, for example.

Day 3: I lost 3/4 of a pound and had slightly lower energy than Day 2.

Day 4: Down a pound and a half more-yay! I have been extremely busy today and honestly have not even thought about eating. I am drinking the majority of my lemonades in the pm vs. the am. It’s amazing to realize how often  I had been eating from boredom rather than actual hunger!

I also need to mention that my husband Tony is doing the Master Cleanse with me for emotional support. He is being a (kinda) good sport but NOT liking it! If you all stick with me; I’ll post his results and comments along with mine for you to read at the end. His comments for each day have been entertaining, to say the least!