How I Start My Day

I am making an effort to start my days in a calm, peaceful manner in hopes that it will set the pace for my day. I didn’t make it out of bed as early as I would have liked this morning but I still started my day out right.
I mixed up my pink drink first to sip on for morning fuel and then I did some deep breathing using the Relax feature on my FitBit. Then looked over my Vision board which I created on Pinterest. This way I can change and update it as often as I want easily. After that, I did a 5 minute Yoga Morning Sequence. I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to yoga yet but it’s calming to me and the rest will come. Then, I spent a few minutes reading my Morning Devotional and some out of my Bible. Lastly, I wrote in the journal I have designated as my Miracle Morning journal. Isn’t it cute? My friend Christy Hunter Miller gave it me a while back and I love it. It’s colorful and cheery and inspiring-just like her.
How did you start your day? How would you LIKE to start your day? I am working on making the answers to both these questions the same.
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