Are You Taking the Steps Necessary to Create Change?

Take Action
Take the steps necessary to create change

I just started reading 6 Months to 6 Figures by Peter Voogd last night and so far I’ve read some powerful quotes:

“Knowledge is not power, it’s what you do with what you know that leads to mastery. Action is the only thing that will ultimately determine your success.”

What a thought-provoking quote this was for me. So many people, myself included, spend time amassing  information on various subjects but then fail to use that information to actually DO anything with! I read a massive amount of books, many on self development. My goal is to start implementing the things I am learning into my life to make changes. Your whole life can be changed by changing your DMO (Daily Method of Operation). What is YOUR DMO? It’s on my To-Do list to create one of my own this week. I’d like to more effectively manage my time and become more productive in a couple of different areas, including my Plexus business and my Moon Glow Haven business. I will share my DMO with you later this week, in another blog post.

Are you intending to do things but never follow through and actually make them happen? Stop procrastinating, being scared or worrying about the outcome. Just take action!

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